Email us with your testimony

Email us with your testimony!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Here are some updates I have been emailing out from my travels through Africa with friends.  Thanks to all who have helped to make my dreams come true...  I now need to get some new dreams to bring the Kingdom of God to the earth.  

Hey All,

I am super thankful for all of you who believe in me.  Here I am staying with friends on the coast of South Africa, releasing revival, surfing, living my dream, but still I cannot wait to get back to the states and hang out with the people I love.  We continue to get testimonies back of revival continuing after we leave cities where we have ministered.  In Port Elizabeth, where I got to speak at a church with my best friend James, we heard that miralces are happening still.  We bumped into some of the young people who were seeing people healed at the mall.  The saints are being equipped!  

After coming back from Mozambique, I have found many of my clothes with holes in them and worn out.  I asked God for some new clothes and yesterday an executive from Quiksilver surfbrand who attended some of our meetings felt led to give us a bunch of clothes.  I got new jeans, sandals, sweatshirt, shirts, boardies....  It was amazing!  Our Father really does not want us to worry about what we will wear - He is soooo good!

Sunday we saw another blind eye open up in a meeting.  I was speaking and during the message God told me to call up a woman from the back who was blind with a scale on her eye.  Her eye looked deformed as well.  I have to admit I was kind of nervous and did not want to pray for her in front of everyone.  She came to the front but unfortunately she spoke another language so we could not figure out what was happening.  I could tell she was more nervous than me.  I prayed not knowing what happened - and called out some words of knowledge to kind of divert all pressure off of her and we saw a few other healings brake out too.  While we released others to pray for healing, we come to find out that as one of our teammates Alexa comforted and prayed for the woman her eye color changed and she could see!  Jesus is Amazing!

Right now I am getting ready to return to America.  My flight leaves tomorrow.  I am arranging another trip to Germany and Israel around August 10th - I am super amped for those trips too.   In Germany and Israel I will be with one of my best friends Josh Stevens.  In Israel we get to be on the ministry team for a conference with Heidi Baker and Joaquin Evans from Bethel.  So far I have been blessed with a ticket to Germany and then onward. If you feel led to pray, just pray for favor in accomodations and such.

In His presence is fullness of joy and at His right hand are pleasures forever more (Psalm 16:11).  That is where I plan to stay every day of my life.  Everyone is invited.  I pray that you would feel Papa's love like you never have before and that His favor and pleasure would rest on every decision you make.  Let me know if you need anything - Love you all!  

Much Love to all you extended family!

How are you?  Here I am in Pemba, Mozambique at a nice hotel on the beach using the internet and having a burger and a coke.  I have been out in the bush for the last few days, living in a tent, eating rice and beans, doing ministry in a little village a few hours from the Iris Base here.  Needless to say this is a nice reprive (I love burgers!).  I have had the blessing of connecting with great friends here in Mozambique from back home in the States. The leaders of the Missions School here lived two streets from me in Redding this past year.   Some other friends are here as well.  The team has been having a blast... Alexa, one of the girls with the 6 of us got to pray over a blind woman who received her sight!

South Africa was a blast.  We ministered around Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.  Miracles abouded!  Dozens of deaf ears popped open.  Many people were activated into moving in the healing power of Jesus!  We hit the streets with hundreds of hungry believers and saw short legs grow out in public settings, people got delivered from demonic bondages, and others met Jesus for the first time!   

My heart has been gripped by this continent.  Please continue to pray for more divine connections, relationships, and opportunities for revival outpourings!  My health is great.  I am continually enjoying God´s presence and feeling sooooo blessed everywhere I go.  We have been continually blessed with places to stay and beyond.  I plan on coming back here often. 

In one meeting where I was preaching, I got a word of knowledge that God was touching a woman named Heather during ministry time.   I called the name out, noboby responded. I went on and saw others healed and utilized church members there to stay in the front and call out words too (something they had never done before).  They were getting accurate words and many people were instantly healed.  After a while a man stood and said he was just praying for his mom whose name was Heather and apologized for not standing.  Praying over the mic for a few seconds, he gets a text from his mom later that she was in the shower and was instantly healed at the time we prayed after the word of knowledge was given.  I was amazed at how good God is!
One of the leaders we got to pour into in Cape Town was powerfully touched while we were there.  He learned about soaking (enjoying the presence) and could not even get through the fire tunnel God was touching him so much.
 He ended up being so filled an activated in the miraculous he went down to a gas station after we left and just started calling out for people who needed healing.  Multiple people were healed and he is still going strong!  Revival for Africa!