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Email us with your testimony!

Monday, November 29, 2010

More NE!!!

Night three of our journey to Omaha, NE friends Matt, Adam, and Kedrick joined us for an amazing time at the Hub with our new friend Julaine Christensen and the rest of the Hub family.  That night the prophetic flowed in a radical way.  It was as if Isaiah 11 was being fulfilled before us. "... the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord..."  Words of knowledge were released for people's first, middle, and last names, birth cities, home states, and many other details.  People were awed by God's recognition of them.

The team ministered in power and many miracles broke out.  We saw breakthroughs with cataracts no longer effecting vision, pains gone, and tumors disolving.  One woman had had a short leg for over thirty years, and had other pains and problems.  In the hands of someone who had never before performed a miracle, her leg grew out and she gave glory to God for the freedom in her body she had received.

One of the most amazing things about that whole night was the special realm of God's glory that showed up in the room.  The fear/ awe of God was so tangible.  I will never forget that presence.

If you were there in some of these meetings, feel free to add to the comment list or submit a testimony...  more to follow


Friday, November 19, 2010


So much happened in the past week it is hard to know where to start.

On November 6, five teams from Bethel Church descended upon the state of Nebraska with one goal in mind - openly displaying and activating churches to experience God's tangible love and power throughout the state.  When we left 10 days later... I can say mission accomplished.

I got to take a group of students to Omaha, Nebraska for the first part of the trip.  We had the best time.  Before out first meeting even started, the team was found praying over a woman named Cindy who was in pain from a car accident years before.  A pinched nerve in her neck caused her hands to be in pain along with her spine.  Doctors had placed a metal plate in the front of her neck for stability and to try to fix the nerve problem.  As the team prayed they got words of knowledge saying, "you were driving a brown car when you got into the accident!"  Cindy responded yes and faith arose even more for what God was about to do.  Cindy felt what she described as an epidural going into her neck and all the pain fleeing her body in a moment.  She felt heat and when she went to check her neck, she could no longer find the plate that had been there before!  Six days later, she was still getting used to not being in constant pain and having the freedom to move where she had not been able to before. Years of pain and immobility in the neck - gone in an instant!  Yay Jesus!

One of our team members commented about that night that he had never seen so many miracles in that size of service.  He said he thinks there were more miracles than people were present.  We saw tumors disappear simply as the word was spoken, a deaf ear popped open, legs grew out to the proper length, arches grew in feet, and many more miracles!  One of the team called out a word of knowledge for a family member that had scoliosis.  A young woman named Darci who was present said, "that is my sister!"  She called her sister and told her to check her spine in the bathroom with a friend.  Upon checking, her sister found her spine had straightened!  Three girls, Michelle, KatyJoy, and Darci joined our team that night to call out words of knowledge - something they had been praying and longing to do.  As they heard the Lord highlight certain conditions they called them out and people receieved healing.

On a free afternoon, the team went to the mall to shop for miracles and healing.  One of the team went up to a worker at Orange Julius and asked her about pain in a ceratain area of her neck and shoulder.  As the team member spoke to the worker but had not layed a hand on her, she felt her neck get hot as if there was a heating pad on it!  She was stunned and God released words over her about her heart and what He was doing in her life.  Some of the team ended up giving words to some kiosk workers who were so stunned that they grabbed the team members and said, "Come with me, my brother works up stairs and you have to do this to him too!"

We met a young man named Shane in the food court.  Shane had a bandage on his wrist which was an obvious sign that God wanted to do something.  Getting some words of knowledge the team member asked Shane, "You also hit your head on something right here in this spot isn't that right."  Shane said, "Yeah."  "It was six years ago, right?"  "Yeah!"  "And your leg is short too, right?" "Yeah!!"  Shane's leg ended up growing out to the same length in front of all of his friends and pain fled from his body in multiple places.  Speaking prophetically into his life, the love of God began to touch Shane in a special way.  Sensing God wanted to do more with him in private, we told him to go home into his room and invite Jesus to take over his life.  It was an amazing encounter!

This testimony only brings us up to night 3... and I am leaving so much out too.... More to come!
The top video on the right is from the trip

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Fathers Love poured out

My Friend Dylan wrote this up about what happened on Monday October 25, 2010 during a time of street evangelism

"...Before heading out for the morning, we asked Holy Spirit for words of knowledge. He told me the name “Rick”, as well as ankle and hip pain…which honestly at the time I didn’t think much of. We then broke off into teams, with my team consisting of Kris, Alice, Bob, and Myself. We pondered places to hit that morning, first thinking “mall”, but realized it was too early to be open. Kris had the idea of hitting up some of the budget motels in the area. Ok, so off we went on our way while Kris stirred us up with past testimonies along the way. He was telling us of times when he would simply be driving down the road and pull up next to people and release words of knowledge and healing. Yeah, Kris, you’re kinda nuts…in a good way. So next thing you know, Kris pulls over to the side of the road  and has Alice release a word of knowledge over two gentlemen walking down the road. She asked if they were suffering from shoulder pain and they said no. Alice wasn’t about to back down and kept chatting them up for a couple more minutes, and one of them finally broke, admitting that he not only had shoulder pain but suffered from chronic dislocation! He went on to tell us of neck pain also associated with the issue (Kris calls this a reverse word of knowledge HAHA!). We prayed for him, and he was extremely touched when God showed up. He’ll need an MRI to confirm the healing, but we’re believing God because He is good and He always comes when we pray! While Alice was releasing Jesus over the first guy, I had the chance to talk to his friend and just prophesy identity and destiny into his life as he was a believer. I think we made there day!
So we pull in and park, and Kris had Bob and I get out and talk with a few gentlemen sitting out in the little park in the center of the motel. I remembered the name “Rick” and asked if either of them were Rick. My heart was beating pretty fast at this point as I’ve only done this a few times in the past. One of the gentlemen replied “no, but there’s a man named Rick down in unit #40 over there”. “Ok,” I thought to myself, “I don’t want to bother him right now if he’s in his room.” So I went onto one of the other words of knowledge I had from earlier and asked if either of them had an ankle problem in their right leg. Again, the older gentleman replied, “no but I know Rick does! He’s not doing to well, maybe you should go talk to ‘em, his door is open!” Ok at this point I know that God wasn’t backing down on this one. So Bob and I walk over to unit #40 and I poke my head through the gated door and say “Are you Rick? God sent us here to find you today.” Umm, did those words seriously just come out of my mouth?! He replied back, “Yeah! Are you guys from (edit) Something Something Church?” How did he know that? We soon come to find out that he’d been meaning to get in touch with (edit) Something Something Church for days for some residential support but didn’t have any way of getting our info to contact us. Well, I guess God contacted us instead and brought the church to him, as He knows what they really need! I went on to release the word regarding the ankle, and he said it started to feel better. Go Jesus! Rick went onto explain that he and his wife were in a tough spot, as she was in the hospital for the past few days with a life-threatening staff infection. Rick really wanted to see her, and so did we because we knew God wanted to heal her as well. And at the same time, we’d be going to a place where everyone can’t help but want to get better: a hospital! 

So Kris was just awesome and cordially agreed to take Rick with us to see his wife at a Hospital. On the ride over, Kris began to prophesy over him, and God physically manifested the word for the hip pain that I had gotten earlier and forgot to release! Right when Kris said the word, Rick said the pain that was once there when he entered the car had now left his body! Haha yes! 3 for 3 in the word of knowledge for the day…amazing! We showed up to the hospital, and Bob and I split ways with Kris and Alice while we took Rick to his wife. We met Rick’s wife, Krissy, and she was overwhelmed with joy to see us and have us pray for her. We got the chance to sit down with the both of them for a good 20-30 and minister to them. I prayed for Krissy’s healing and she said she felt His presence and was feeling better. Then, God began reconciling their marriage! The presence of the Father came in power in a way that I had never experienced before. I had just started reading “Experiencing Father’s Embrace” a couple days before this happened, and wow, did they experience just that. They were in tears at this point. They both knew about God, but didn’t know Him personally and were actually asking us “I want to know Holy Spirit. Can we have Him to?” My heart was breaking at this point, and I said “yep, you can have Him all the time and He’ll never ever leave you or neglect you in any way.” We then led them to encounter Holy Spirit. It was unreal how shattered lives that have been so abused and neglected could come to a place of such joy and peace just within this short amount of time. Earlier in the day, Kris said that “we’re going to see people want to get baptized at the water baptism next week!” Sure enough, Krissy, Rick’s wife, went on to implore that she wanted to get water baptized at (edit) Something Something Church! Haha!! What an adventure! God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think! And all this before lunch on a Monday morning…Jesus sure knows how to start the week off right!"

Right now I feel like God is pouring out His Spirit on you the reader with grace for healing.  I feel like someone's neck is being released from pain as well as a blood disorder being healed.  God is pouring out grace on reconciliation in the family as well.  A fresh start for relationship with God and with each other. I release over you the dew of Hermon - where God's blessing is bestowed - in Jesus Name

Psalm 133
How good and pleasant it is
when brothers live together in unity!

It is like precious oil poured on the head, 
running down on the beard, 
running down on Aaron's beard, 
down upon the collar of his robes.
It is as if the Dew of Hermon 
were falling on Mount Zion. 
For there the LORD bestows his blessing,
even life forevermore.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

More University Miracles

Saw more revival breakout at the same University before leaving FL last week.  In a meeting on campus the Holy Spirit broke out.  People were filled throughout the room as He moved in waves in our midst.  Students were overwhelmed by the presence and collapsed to the ground- some wept and some laughed.  A few words of knowledge were called out.  One was for people in multiple car accidents.  One of the people who responded started shaking as the power of the Holy Spirit moved upon her - her neck would click and when she turned her head it would jolt and could not move smoothly.  Suddenly she could move freely!  Another girl had a skin issue where she constantly itched since the age of twelve and she was now around her mid twenties.  The power of God came over her, and she told me the next day that where there was a problem there was no more. 

After the meeting a group of us went out for Sushi.  Still buzzing from all that God did earlier, people were giving each other encouraging words from God and experiencing great joy.  Walking by a kind of mean looking guy I felt something touch my right knee.  I stopped and said to the guy, "Hey, you have a problem with your right knee, right?"  He replied - kinda put off, "what do you mean?"  I told him, "right in this spot on the side of your knee you have a problem (going more specific)."  He said he had injured a ligament in there.  I told him God was healing it and to check it again.  He did.  To his surprise, the problem was gone.  I then felt some more words of knowledge for other problems he had.  I told him God was healing his neck and shoulders and to check them too.  He did and found that all the pain had left.  I asked him to hold out his hands, and as he did he felt the presence of God come over him and invited Jesus to come and touch his life.  As my friend Ahab says, "Its easy for people to meet Jesus after he shows up."

There is more to come!  God is healing people reading this right now.
If you are reading this and you have a problem with your eyes, put your hands on them now.  I release the presence of Jesus over your eyes.  God is disolving a cataract in a woman's right eye who is in her mid sixties.  I feel like a problem focusing / learning is being healed as well.  The Healing Presence of God fills your room right now.  

Revival is not an event.  Revival is what we are becoming.  Be blessed!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Miracles at a University!

I love taking risk...  When you know how loved you are it is easy because "faith works through love" (Galatians 5:6).  This past week I had the opportunity to spend a day down in Boca Raton, Florida at a secular university and see some miracles.   My friends and I drove down there and they had to get back but I felt like I needed to stay.  I said goodbye to my friends as they drove the 50 minutes back up to where I am staying not knowing exactly how I would get home.  I had no food or money on me to get any.  All I could do was laugh... God is good and He would take care of it.

In a parking lot, I got a word of knowledge for someone who had neck pain from a car accident.  I walked over to a group of people getting in their car and asked who had the problem.  At first no one spoke up so I checked with each person individually.  I sensed it was this one woman and she admitted that it was her.  Her friends said, "Why didn't you say anything when he asked the first time?"  It was pretty funny.  The Lord healed her in a moment.  She was a bit stunned.  Another word of knowledge came for a problem with the blood and this woman responded - something she will have to check up on over time.  I continued to give words of encouragement to her through the prophetic - and she returned the favor as she was a Christian.  It was awesome!

I made some phone calls to people I knew down in that area and no one responded so I just kept walking around.

A few minutes later I came across a group of hispanic gentlemen who did not speak english.  I tried to preach the gospel in Spanish and tell them how Jesus does miracles and died for them.  I felt the presence of God touching them... they thanked me and said Adios.

I headed for the room where Intervarsity Christian Ministry meets on campus and it turned out that one of my friends was there!  Over the course of the next few hours she introduced me to groups of people and had me share stories of God's grace and power through my travels.  God broke out in healings through the afternoon!  That night I got to speak for a couple of minutes to a group and invited the Holy Spirit to come.  I asked if anyone there wanted to be baptized in the Holy Spirit to raise their hands to heaven.  A young man did and the power of God came on him.  He started shaking, fell forward onto the ground under the power of God, spoke in tongues, and prophesied over people for the next hour - things he had never done before!  It was awesome.

My friend ended up taking me out to eat at an amazing Asian Restaurant and offered to drive me home.
I am going to head down there again next week and see what else God has in store... Jesus is AMAZING!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Zealand!!!

New Zealand may be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here is where I got to surf yesterday (it was not that good but I was still pretty stoked!) Everything is green and the people are all layed back. I am searching for Hobbits (The Lord of the Rings was filmed here)... I will let you know when revival breaks out among them.
I hope you are all doing well!
The past couple of weeks since I returned from Haiti have been a time of picking back up the traveling momentum. Last week Josh and I went with a team to do a mini- Healing School with Grace Fellowship in Santa Rosa, CA pastored by Ken and Christina Smith. A few of the churches there came together for the weekend and we saw people greatly activated to demonstrate God's power. One testimony we heard back from them was that a pastor who could only make the morning session followed by impartation ended up giving words of knowledge back in his church and people were healed... something he had not done before! We saw alot of miracles in the meetings. Words of knowledge flowed as the team released the miraculous. During a time of impartation, a woman got up after being out in the spirit and noticed she could balance on one foot, something she could not do before because of some type of brain legion/ nervous system disorder. Johnathan, a young boy who wanted to play basketball was born with a birth defect which led to having a slightly locked/distorted ankle and a leg shorter than the other by 3/4 of an inch was not able to run without some pain or squat down without loosing his balance. It is likely that as he grew these problems would affect his life even more. After receiving some prayer, Johnathan's leg grew out and his ankle moved. He squatted down without falling over and ran around. He was excited to be able to play basketball well now. Yay Jesus!
During the Sunday morning service (the service that is typically the least "messy" on a trip) I was sharing a testimony and a woman just started weeping and encountering God in the second row. I guess God wanted to interrupt my sharing, so I stopped and asked her what was happening. She said she believed God could heal her of Parkinsons, I asked her what she could not do. She said she shuffles her feet when she walks. I asked her how she would know if she was healed. She got up from her chair and took off darting accross the room! Everybody got really excited and we did not get a chance to preach a sermon that morning... Jesus just started healing people all over the room!
One miracle that I have not seen before in a meeting we were leading was people getting gold crowns / fillings (the metal changing substance). We had felt before the service that this was going to happen so after calling out some words of knowledge we asked people to check. It started with one and then one multipled to three or more. I love that there is no real reason for gold teeth - I suppose if your tooth is bad it may help, but if its not... Miracles like that are just a kiss from our Father, a sign of His love, a sign that makes you wonder. Lately,I have really felt that God wants to demonstrate the extravagence of His love even more through things like this. One such way is in how He is not only Provider but His manifest presence is Provision. God wants to heal finances like He heals the body because the oppression of lack keeps people focused on personal poverty rather than focusing on being a blessing and releasing the Kingdom of God to the world around them.
Through the weekend we had felt that people were going to get financial miracles and shared testimonies of things God has done for us personally. A friend of ours who joined us felt led to give one of the team some money. He knew how much money he had in his pocket before and after, but on the car ride home he found that $29 had turned into $49! One of the church members told the pastor that a few days after the conference they received a $5000 bonus and felt it connected with what God had released. There were other testimonies of financial breakthrough that weekend as well. I guess all things really are possible with God (Mark 10:27)
I release that same breakthrough over you... that in being blessed, you would be a blessing to the world around you!
I will be in New Zealand / Australia through March 16th. My friend Chad gets here in a few weeks and is hosting some conferences as well. Please pray for us during our time in New Zealand. I am excited for God to move and to get some good surfing in too. We want to eternally impact the people and the land here... and of course see all of the Hobbits meet Jesus.
Lots of Love to all of you!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mission Possible: Haiti!!!

Hi Friends and Family!

Thanks for all the kind words and love towards this recent trip to Haiti to provide disaster relief. The trip was a dream come true.
I was honored to join 17 others from Bethel Church as we partnered with 20 or so from around the US as part of a team with TDA (Transformational Development Agency) an NGO that does work with the United Nations. We went with a strong medical contingent to provide trauma services, wound care, and post-operative care.

Having avoided media coverage before the trip, I was still preparing for the worst. Some news outlets bluntly described Haiti as a war-zone while others declared it hell on earth. As ambassadors of Jesus Christ we knew our mission was clear - to bring Heaven to earth. Partnering with the medical community, we set up clinics and took to the streets to release the Kingdom of God in hope, healing, and restoration. We made deep connections with locals who survived the quake, and God moved mightily in our midst. Here is a quick testimony to wet your appetite.

Charles is a short man with a big smile. A loving father and well educated, he takes pride in his appearance which was comfortable yet sophisticated considering the poverty of the area. I met Charles because his English was good enough to provide translation. God had great plans in us coming together. Charles used to be a teacher. Now his classroom is a pile of rubble. He lost only a few students to the quake, but that is enough to take a toll on anyone's heart. Charles's family was ok except that he is now without a home (he asked for a tent so that his family would not get wet when the rain starts to poor down in a few months) and without a place of work. The quake had robbed everyone. Perceptions were that the 7.0 that hit a few weeks ago had been an act of God.

The first day we set up a clinic and then hit the streets sharing about the goodness of God- how this quake was not God's will. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus comes that we may have life and life more abundantly (John 10:10). The group of us out together saw dozens healed and dozens meet Jesus that day as people were touched by God's love and power. Day two came along and I got to link up with Charles again. First things first I asked Charles if he had ever been baptized in the Holy Spirit. He said no but that he wanted to be. We prayed for Him to be filled with the Holy Spirit. He shook under the power of God and began to speak in tongues. Then, a nurse named Don, Charles, and I teamed up went into one of the many tent cities that have sprung up in the wake of the disaster to offer medical care and prayer. Don is not only a nurse but a revivalist as well so I knew we were in for a treat. We had one hour before we had to meet back up with the larger team. One of the first people we came across was an older woman who was completely blind in her right eye and mostly blind in her left. Her eyes just drifted around as she saw only black from the one and fog from the other. Don, Charles and I proceeded to pray for the woman. As we did she began to see forms and then count the fingers on Don's hand as he held it out from her face. God did a miracle! We began to share with those watching what had happened. A group of people gathered around. We asked if anyone wanted to know Jesus as their best friend. Nobody responded. But then God showed us that a woman there had pain in her spine which He wanted to heal. We told her that whether or not she wanted to give her life to Jesus, that God would heal her. Without a hand laid on her, she felt the pain leave her back. Not only was she healed but now she wanted to know Jesus. More so, not only did she want to know the one who had just opened a blind eye and healed others, but the rest of the group gathered wanted to know him too. A number of people there received Jesus as their Lord and Savior and were healed. Charles was praying for people by himself and seeing them healed. A little boy ran over and asked to receive Jesus. As I prayed with him, a large man whose face was filled with anger stormed over to us. Charles is a small man, maybe 5 foot 6 inches and I am too handsome and too skinny to fight. This guy was big and the thoughts of being beat up did flash my mind - he looked upset. I honored him and explained that we were there to offer medical care and healing. I told him we wanted nothing in return and that he should ask the woman who was blind about what had happened. Upon talking with her, everything changed and the angry man became a happy evangelist, bringing us around the camp praying for people. We saw a number of people healed, saved, and delivered during that time. Needless to say a lot can happen in an hour. I told Charles that along with teaching he has the opportunity in a career preaching the gospel if he so desires. He told me he had never seen such things before, and he knows he can do it too! Mesi Jezi! (Creole for "Thank you Jesus!").

For you, I pray for greater encounter with the compassionate one - Christ Jesus. I pray that you would be undone with His love in you and through you this week. Father, please give more opportunities for those reading this to release your Kingdom and be encouraged in your grace this week. Let divine connections increase this week and friendships prosper. I see a picture of a rope tying people together. I feel like God is connecting you into deeper fellowship this week.

Much Love!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti Relief

Hello Friends,

Bethel Church is sending a team of which I am currently apart to Haiti at the end of this week. The team consists of medical workers and revivalists whose plan it is to serve the people of this devastated nation with the love of the Father and the power of His Kingdom. Our mission is filled with impossibilities, but the God who makes all things possible is with us. We plan on holding the fatherless, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, and raising the dead. Can a nation be saved in a day? I plan on finding out.

We will be staying at an orphanage in Port Au Prince right next to the airport where many abandoned children are being dropped off. From there we will go out into the community to meet any needs we find. Please reply or email me if you have any questions, prayers, etc. about the trip. I will post testimonies as I can to keep you in the loop! Much Love!