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Email us with your testimony!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Quick One - Highlight Testimonies over the past two weeks

A friend (Josh Stevens) and I went to Spirit West Coast down in Del Mar, CA to find people for Jesus to heal. In two days we atleast a few dozen healed just walking around and calling out words of knowledge.

- One woman, in a wheelchair because of knee pain, had a leg shorter than the other since birth (she said). We commanded it to grow in Jesus name and ofcourse it did. She wept with joy as pain left her body and she pushed her wheelchair away. Yay God!

- Another woman in a wheelchair with a badly broken foot said she could feel all the bones go back in place and no pain anymore - Jesus strikes again.

-Another couple had a knee problem and a shoulder problem were healed by calling out a word of knowledge to them. I then heard God say over them, "renewal of marriage vows" I announced what I heard and the woman freaked out saying,"We just got back together today!"

-An MC of the event announced from stage that he was deaf in his left ear. We thought this odd but then realized it was so that Jesus could undeaf his hear. We walked backstage and told him Jesus sent us to him so he could hear again. Maybe he thought we were crazy but as we commanded his ear to open, the presence of God hit him and he went silent for about 25 seconds in the glory. He said that nodules in his throat were gone (which he had asked us to pray for) and his ear had opened up. Josh said, "Well lets test it out." He said he did not have to because he could hear! JESUS!!!!!

- At a gas station I saw a man limping from a stroke and I chased him down while my gas was pumping. After praying with him he could feel tingling on the paralyzed side - something he should not be able to do since he is supposed to be paralyzed. JESUS!!!

- God never stops why should we, anyway those are the highlights. Praise Jesus!!!

Big South Swell

Going to college in Southern California had its advantages. My favorite of which were the days in late spring and early fall when there were rumors about my surfer bros about a South Swell about to hit. South Swells come from storms thousands of miles away down by antartica. They are produced by powerful storms that develop by the upper level wind strengths of the roaring forties and fifties (latitudes). These large storms feed off of the wind energy above and when they make a slight turn to the north send large ocean swells all the way to the warm beaches of SoCal. These waves are not single in nature, they are events. Virtually undetectable to an ocean mariner because of their spread out wavelength, these swells hit the beach with power. Stretches of sand from La Jolla to Trestles to Newport Beach begin to suckout with macking sets of pure power.

Recently, I was in the grocery store shopping with my mom and in the course of about 30 minutes, we saw four people get healed. We were just trying to get groceries, but God has created a ground swell in my own life and the life of many others. One woman stood next to us in line at the bakery and was massaging her shoulder. I asked her what was wrong. She said she had had rotator cuff replacement on the other and she thought she needed a new rotater on this shoulder too. I told her that God was healing her now and said she needed to move her arm around. When she did she said she felt goose bumps and the pain had left. She responded, "I believe!" without any prompting. The Lord then highlighted a young woman and told me she had a migrane. I asked her if she had a headache. She said yes. I responded saying, "it just left." Her eyes went wide and she said it did. I told her Jesus loved her and just healed her. Tears began to well up in her eyes. It just kept on going from there.

When a Big South Swell is on the rise, at first there may not be much sign of it. There might be a couple of waves every hour. But there are always a few takers already in the water.
Papa God is sending a rumor in the spirit about how good He really is. Every bit of it is true. He is healing, saving, and delivering everywhere. He always has been. We are just starting to track the swell.

I have been asking God about how to move from seeing a few to seeing many touched by His love in the same time and place. Seeing an entire store overwhelmed by His love and power in an instant. That day at the Publix grocery store was amazing but it also only a few splashes of God's Kingdom. What would happen if a Big South Swell were to be brought into the grocery store. Water washing everywhere, people falling over sliding around...

The wind of the Holy Spirit is roaring and individuals are beginning to realize who they are in Christ Jesus. Large Swell making storms are being birthed and everywhere they go things cannot help but happening. The virbirations off of these storms are traveling thousands of miles to sneak up on unsuspecting individuals who are hungry for more, looking for any answer. The storms are multiplying and so are the swells.

I had the oppurtunity to speak to a small group of believers the other night - about 15 people. While I spoke, I had a couple of people stand up and give words of knowledge for healing. A word of knowledge is a supernatural insight into something a person could not naturally know - in this case certain medical problems of people in the room and beyond. These believers had never done this before, but now, here they were, announcing what God was doing and witnessing him heal people accross the room and even over a cell phone. Yes, a young boy was healed of asthma over a cell phone when his mom called him. (Jesus can do that - He can do anything!)

When one wave hits the beach it can be labled a fluke set. But when many waves slam the reefs and sand bars, we know a swell is in the water. Everbody takes notice. A swell of God's love is here. The saints of God are being equipped for the works of ministry (Eph 4) to walk in the love and power that Jesus Christ displayed while He walked the earth. We don't have to wait for what we already have.