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Email us with your testimony!

Monday, November 29, 2010

More NE!!!

Night three of our journey to Omaha, NE friends Matt, Adam, and Kedrick joined us for an amazing time at the Hub with our new friend Julaine Christensen and the rest of the Hub family.  That night the prophetic flowed in a radical way.  It was as if Isaiah 11 was being fulfilled before us. "... the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord..."  Words of knowledge were released for people's first, middle, and last names, birth cities, home states, and many other details.  People were awed by God's recognition of them.

The team ministered in power and many miracles broke out.  We saw breakthroughs with cataracts no longer effecting vision, pains gone, and tumors disolving.  One woman had had a short leg for over thirty years, and had other pains and problems.  In the hands of someone who had never before performed a miracle, her leg grew out and she gave glory to God for the freedom in her body she had received.

One of the most amazing things about that whole night was the special realm of God's glory that showed up in the room.  The fear/ awe of God was so tangible.  I will never forget that presence.

If you were there in some of these meetings, feel free to add to the comment list or submit a testimony...  more to follow


Friday, November 19, 2010


So much happened in the past week it is hard to know where to start.

On November 6, five teams from Bethel Church descended upon the state of Nebraska with one goal in mind - openly displaying and activating churches to experience God's tangible love and power throughout the state.  When we left 10 days later... I can say mission accomplished.

I got to take a group of students to Omaha, Nebraska for the first part of the trip.  We had the best time.  Before out first meeting even started, the team was found praying over a woman named Cindy who was in pain from a car accident years before.  A pinched nerve in her neck caused her hands to be in pain along with her spine.  Doctors had placed a metal plate in the front of her neck for stability and to try to fix the nerve problem.  As the team prayed they got words of knowledge saying, "you were driving a brown car when you got into the accident!"  Cindy responded yes and faith arose even more for what God was about to do.  Cindy felt what she described as an epidural going into her neck and all the pain fleeing her body in a moment.  She felt heat and when she went to check her neck, she could no longer find the plate that had been there before!  Six days later, she was still getting used to not being in constant pain and having the freedom to move where she had not been able to before. Years of pain and immobility in the neck - gone in an instant!  Yay Jesus!

One of our team members commented about that night that he had never seen so many miracles in that size of service.  He said he thinks there were more miracles than people were present.  We saw tumors disappear simply as the word was spoken, a deaf ear popped open, legs grew out to the proper length, arches grew in feet, and many more miracles!  One of the team called out a word of knowledge for a family member that had scoliosis.  A young woman named Darci who was present said, "that is my sister!"  She called her sister and told her to check her spine in the bathroom with a friend.  Upon checking, her sister found her spine had straightened!  Three girls, Michelle, KatyJoy, and Darci joined our team that night to call out words of knowledge - something they had been praying and longing to do.  As they heard the Lord highlight certain conditions they called them out and people receieved healing.

On a free afternoon, the team went to the mall to shop for miracles and healing.  One of the team went up to a worker at Orange Julius and asked her about pain in a ceratain area of her neck and shoulder.  As the team member spoke to the worker but had not layed a hand on her, she felt her neck get hot as if there was a heating pad on it!  She was stunned and God released words over her about her heart and what He was doing in her life.  Some of the team ended up giving words to some kiosk workers who were so stunned that they grabbed the team members and said, "Come with me, my brother works up stairs and you have to do this to him too!"

We met a young man named Shane in the food court.  Shane had a bandage on his wrist which was an obvious sign that God wanted to do something.  Getting some words of knowledge the team member asked Shane, "You also hit your head on something right here in this spot isn't that right."  Shane said, "Yeah."  "It was six years ago, right?"  "Yeah!"  "And your leg is short too, right?" "Yeah!!"  Shane's leg ended up growing out to the same length in front of all of his friends and pain fled from his body in multiple places.  Speaking prophetically into his life, the love of God began to touch Shane in a special way.  Sensing God wanted to do more with him in private, we told him to go home into his room and invite Jesus to take over his life.  It was an amazing encounter!

This testimony only brings us up to night 3... and I am leaving so much out too.... More to come!
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