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Email us with your testimony!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mexico City...

This year I once again got to be Co-Leader with Josh Stevens to Mexico City.  We had some 30 students from the School of Supernatural Ministry with us and God moved in wonderful ways.  We partnered with Agustin Enriquez and Pan De Vida seeing God show up in church meetings and on the streets.  Walking out of one of the meetings, a woman around her 50s or so who was blind (not sure to what degree but she was being led around by someone because she could not see) and could not walk well as she used a cane to feel around came up to me.  Placing my hands on her head I prayed a quick and simple prayer.  When I took my hands away she began to scream, "Veo! Veo!"  (Spanish for "I see! I see!")  We sat her down for a moment because one of her legs was shorter than the other causing back and hip problems.  The power of God grew her leg so quickly - she got up and I started to walk her around.  Within 30 seconds she was running up and down a staircase unassisted!  Jesus did a full body makeover!

The students enjoyed leading as well.  We sent six teams to various churches in Pan De Vida's network and to different parts of the city.  One of the students preached open air to a hundred or more students as they dismissed from school.  Miracles broke out en masse, 30 or more students gave their hearts to Christ, and he even activated them to pray for eachother to be healed.  The police came to shut our team down, but the parents protested -- "We want them to keep telling us and our children more"  All of this happened in the period of an hour long outreach time.  How much does God want to do in an hour for you?  ha ha ha!

One of the highlights for Josh and I was a miracle breakout in a nice restaurant while we were out to eat with our friend Pastor Agustin.  After our hostess was healed, the presence of the Lord began to move through the restaurant.  A whole table of people experienced it as God opened a deaf ear with a simple clap of my hands, a short leg grew, a cane was made useless, and a young girl wept as God healed her heart.  Another table got involved and a man who was obviously offended at our ministering saw his wife dramatically healed after years of unsuccessful surgery on her neck and bone spurs in her foot dissappeared.  He gave his life to Christ and was filled with the Spirit and joy!  Another table joined, then the staff jumped in.  Many people were saved, filled with the Spirit and even activated to see their co-workers healed through their prayers.  People were flapping their hands yelling "Calor!" (heat) as the power of God came on them.  In all between our meal and revival for dessert we spent 3 hours ministering to dozens of people and seeing an even greater number of miracles!