Email us with your testimony

Email us with your testimony!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Quick One - Highlight Testimonies over the past two weeks

A friend (Josh Stevens) and I went to Spirit West Coast down in Del Mar, CA to find people for Jesus to heal. In two days we atleast a few dozen healed just walking around and calling out words of knowledge.

- One woman, in a wheelchair because of knee pain, had a leg shorter than the other since birth (she said). We commanded it to grow in Jesus name and ofcourse it did. She wept with joy as pain left her body and she pushed her wheelchair away. Yay God!

- Another woman in a wheelchair with a badly broken foot said she could feel all the bones go back in place and no pain anymore - Jesus strikes again.

-Another couple had a knee problem and a shoulder problem were healed by calling out a word of knowledge to them. I then heard God say over them, "renewal of marriage vows" I announced what I heard and the woman freaked out saying,"We just got back together today!"

-An MC of the event announced from stage that he was deaf in his left ear. We thought this odd but then realized it was so that Jesus could undeaf his hear. We walked backstage and told him Jesus sent us to him so he could hear again. Maybe he thought we were crazy but as we commanded his ear to open, the presence of God hit him and he went silent for about 25 seconds in the glory. He said that nodules in his throat were gone (which he had asked us to pray for) and his ear had opened up. Josh said, "Well lets test it out." He said he did not have to because he could hear! JESUS!!!!!

- At a gas station I saw a man limping from a stroke and I chased him down while my gas was pumping. After praying with him he could feel tingling on the paralyzed side - something he should not be able to do since he is supposed to be paralyzed. JESUS!!!

- God never stops why should we, anyway those are the highlights. Praise Jesus!!!

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