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Email us with your testimony!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Miracles at a University!

I love taking risk...  When you know how loved you are it is easy because "faith works through love" (Galatians 5:6).  This past week I had the opportunity to spend a day down in Boca Raton, Florida at a secular university and see some miracles.   My friends and I drove down there and they had to get back but I felt like I needed to stay.  I said goodbye to my friends as they drove the 50 minutes back up to where I am staying not knowing exactly how I would get home.  I had no food or money on me to get any.  All I could do was laugh... God is good and He would take care of it.

In a parking lot, I got a word of knowledge for someone who had neck pain from a car accident.  I walked over to a group of people getting in their car and asked who had the problem.  At first no one spoke up so I checked with each person individually.  I sensed it was this one woman and she admitted that it was her.  Her friends said, "Why didn't you say anything when he asked the first time?"  It was pretty funny.  The Lord healed her in a moment.  She was a bit stunned.  Another word of knowledge came for a problem with the blood and this woman responded - something she will have to check up on over time.  I continued to give words of encouragement to her through the prophetic - and she returned the favor as she was a Christian.  It was awesome!

I made some phone calls to people I knew down in that area and no one responded so I just kept walking around.

A few minutes later I came across a group of hispanic gentlemen who did not speak english.  I tried to preach the gospel in Spanish and tell them how Jesus does miracles and died for them.  I felt the presence of God touching them... they thanked me and said Adios.

I headed for the room where Intervarsity Christian Ministry meets on campus and it turned out that one of my friends was there!  Over the course of the next few hours she introduced me to groups of people and had me share stories of God's grace and power through my travels.  God broke out in healings through the afternoon!  That night I got to speak for a couple of minutes to a group and invited the Holy Spirit to come.  I asked if anyone there wanted to be baptized in the Holy Spirit to raise their hands to heaven.  A young man did and the power of God came on him.  He started shaking, fell forward onto the ground under the power of God, spoke in tongues, and prophesied over people for the next hour - things he had never done before!  It was awesome.

My friend ended up taking me out to eat at an amazing Asian Restaurant and offered to drive me home.
I am going to head down there again next week and see what else God has in store... Jesus is AMAZING!

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Jesse Skinner said...

I LOVE IT! Faith does work through Love, that is so good brother. I'm blessed by your stories and adventures.