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Email us with your testimony!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

More University Miracles

Saw more revival breakout at the same University before leaving FL last week.  In a meeting on campus the Holy Spirit broke out.  People were filled throughout the room as He moved in waves in our midst.  Students were overwhelmed by the presence and collapsed to the ground- some wept and some laughed.  A few words of knowledge were called out.  One was for people in multiple car accidents.  One of the people who responded started shaking as the power of the Holy Spirit moved upon her - her neck would click and when she turned her head it would jolt and could not move smoothly.  Suddenly she could move freely!  Another girl had a skin issue where she constantly itched since the age of twelve and she was now around her mid twenties.  The power of God came over her, and she told me the next day that where there was a problem there was no more. 

After the meeting a group of us went out for Sushi.  Still buzzing from all that God did earlier, people were giving each other encouraging words from God and experiencing great joy.  Walking by a kind of mean looking guy I felt something touch my right knee.  I stopped and said to the guy, "Hey, you have a problem with your right knee, right?"  He replied - kinda put off, "what do you mean?"  I told him, "right in this spot on the side of your knee you have a problem (going more specific)."  He said he had injured a ligament in there.  I told him God was healing it and to check it again.  He did.  To his surprise, the problem was gone.  I then felt some more words of knowledge for other problems he had.  I told him God was healing his neck and shoulders and to check them too.  He did and found that all the pain had left.  I asked him to hold out his hands, and as he did he felt the presence of God come over him and invited Jesus to come and touch his life.  As my friend Ahab says, "Its easy for people to meet Jesus after he shows up."

There is more to come!  God is healing people reading this right now.
If you are reading this and you have a problem with your eyes, put your hands on them now.  I release the presence of Jesus over your eyes.  God is disolving a cataract in a woman's right eye who is in her mid sixties.  I feel like a problem focusing / learning is being healed as well.  The Healing Presence of God fills your room right now.  

Revival is not an event.  Revival is what we are becoming.  Be blessed!

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