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Email us with your testimony!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

I feel like I have taken a trip deep into a mysterious land far beyond wonder. It includes the amazement that Alice felt down the rabbit hole, but with a sense of my hand on destiny instead of being sunken in illusionment. At the same time, stories of fantasy could not capture the depth of experience in which I find myself captivated. It is almost like being behind the scenes of the filming of an epic. You know, like those movies that everyone talks about before they come out. Everyone wants to know what it is about - they need the inside scoop. I am in the movie and behind the scenes, all the while being friends with the Producer.

I have seen more miracles in the past year than many notice in a lifetime. Thousands. Many of them I have seen result through my own spoken words or through my hands.

God is real. He can prove it to you. Jesus is alive and well, and He is looking for you to change your mind.

He has something worth saying and worth being heard, and so do I.

I was at In-N-Out Burger the other day - preparing to feast on a double double. A few friends and I had just got out of school and I wanted to hang out. While filling up my little ketchup cups I noticed the woman next to me had hearing aids. I turned to her and shared how Jesus heals this all the time and He was about to do a miracle for her. She seemed somewhat disinterested but I pursued. I prayed with her and she thanked me and proceeded on her way. I wanted to see more and so did God. On my way out of the restaurant I began to walk toward her in her car and as I did, I felt a pain shoot down my spine. As she is pulling out of the lot, I knocked on her window and told her that the Lord had showed me she had pain shooting through her spine. She was somewhat shocked, but then let me talk more. I told her to take out her hearing aids because God was healing her deafness and her back. She felt some heat in her back, and upon removing her hearing aids found that she could hear the wind - Something she could not do before. Her back pain gone, we tested her ears out and to no surprise of God's, she could hear!

Miracles and Burgers - who would have thought. But this is reality. This is an invasion of truth into our culture. Jesus Christ of Nazareth said, "repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." (as quoted Matthew 4:17). Repent basically means go back to the top (think penthouse). Go back to God's perspective. In God's domain (the King's domain = kingdom), there is not sickness, disease, sin, poverty, hate, etc. He has invited us into that place through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of humanity - Jesus called Himself the way, the truth, and the life, as well as the Door.

The way to relationship with God is clear, the Door is open, and once you receive the finished work of Christ, by inviting Him into your heart, receiving forgiveness and turning away from the bondages of your life, God then lives in you and you in Him. From this point onward, you have been invited into the greatest adventure of time. You are called to be a conduit between heaven and earth. God's domain is to be manifested through you. You begin to exhibit a reality where the deaf hear, the blind see, the lame walk, and the dead are raised. This is normal life. A life of intimacy with the Almighty God who calls Himself your Father. A life of miracles. A life where you love freely and are loved freely.

Heaven is not far away... it is within reach... it is at hand!

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Testimonies from recent trip to Israel:

Jesus is LORD!!! He is mighty to save! The greek word for saved, "sozo" means forgiven, set free from bondage, and healed. Jesus did all the above on a recent trip to Israel.
Walking down a street in Tel Aviv, one of our team members saw a homeless man on a mat begging for money. He had his hand wrapped in a bandage and it seemed to be crippled. Accross the language barrier our friend made a gesture like, "Can I pray for you?" The homeless man nodded. During the prayer, the homeless man got a strange look on his face. He began to open his hand with surprise. We told him the only hebrew we knew "Jeshua Ha Mashiach" Jesus is the Messiah. He began to shout Jeshua Ha Mashiach to people walking by and explain to them how his crippled hand just got healed. Numerous other people motioned to us to pray for them, all we knew to say was Jeshua Ha Mashiach, but a healing meeting broke out there on a busy street.

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