Email us with your testimony

Email us with your testimony!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Long Time... No see... To See.... To Hear

Recent Testimonies...

A man came into a meeting during a recent trip to Indiana.  At the time it was a question and answer period for pastors who wanted to God to invade their churches with His healing power.  This gentleman stands up during the meeting to ask a question over the mic (or so we think) only to start crying and talking about a tumor in his eye.  We realize that he is not a pastor, and is not asking a question.   He is a man desperate for a miracle.  Over the week we had seen tumors disolve, legs grow out, deaf ears open, and all manner of miracles.  He must have heard about all the stuff and just showed up.  The tumor had been causing significant blindness.  As we prayed over a few minutes, he wept but felt power going into his eye.  We decided to have him check it out.  We had him read the serial numbers on a dollar bill from a couple feet away.  Before prayer this would be impossible.  He was blind.... but now....... ha ha ha.... He could see!

I love it!

I leave for Israel tomorrow... pray this for me

Jesus rock Kris and rock me too!

Much Love

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