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Email us with your testimony!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Testimonies from recent trip to SoCAL

Last week I traveled to SoCal (my inheritance) for a graduation and a wedding. Here are a few things that happened.

During a layover in Atlanta, I asked the Lord where I should sit believing Him for an encounter. I sat down where He showed me and a girl came within a minute or two and sat right next to me. Usually people leave a seat or two so I knew something was about to happen. Since she was attractive I figured she would think I was hitting on her, but I didn't really care because I knew the Holy Spirit really wanted to hit on her with His love. I talked to her for a moment and then had a small vision. I asked her if she liked to oil paint. She was like, "that is crazy that you ask that." I told her God had shown me her doing an oil painting. She responded, "you are going to make me cry." I encouraged her a little more and then the Lord showed me more. I said, "When you were 12 I saw you go up to an altar call and commit your life to the Lord." She asked me, "Are you a psychic?" I said, "No, God knows everything about you and He just showed me something because He loves you." I had her hold out her hands and ask the Holy Spirit to fill her. She began to get drunk in the spirit laughing and fanning her face as the fire of God came over her. Jesus strikes again! She had an encounter with Papa's Love.

Later that week I was with a friend who leads a youth group in SoCal. We went on outreach at the Irvine Spectrum and he gave me two middle schoolers to chill with. Jordan (14) and Jacqueline (13, I hope I spelled it right) were radical revivalists. They ended up prophesying over different individuals and praying for healing. One woman had knee pain, ankle pain and swelling, and back pain leave as well as had a leg grow out infront of spectators as Jesus invaded her life.

The night before my friend's wedding, we were with him praying over him at a hotel. A group of middle eastern women watched us and the Lord told me to go pray for one of them. She told me that her son had just died. My heart broke for hers. But the Kingdom is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. Righteousness for sin, Peace for mental and soul trauma, and Joy for healing. She ended up receiving healing in her back through a word of knowledge. Then, I noticed my other buddies had jumped on the oppurtunity and were ministering to the other women around. The Lord told me to not have them simply recite a prayer but to simply love on them. After a little while I got to share about how Jesus Christ was more than a prophet (as they were Muslim), but the very Son of God. I shared about the atonement in a concise way and looked the one woman in the eye and told her, "Your sins are forgiven" She began to weep. We parted ways with a hug (not acceptable to their culture but Jesus breaks all cultural barriers). My friends ended up prophesying over the other women and I believe about 5 ailments were reported to be healed. Ha Ha!

Later in the week I was surfing at the Huntington Beach Pier. I love to surf with the Holy Ghost. When I came in I felt like a Jamba Juice (God gives me words of knowledge through food alot "Go to Jamba Juice"). Out front was a little latino woman in a wheelchair. God said he was going to give me great favor with her. I walked over and after some small talk asked if I could pray over her because I knew God wanted to heal her. She told me she had polio and pain throughout her body but invited me to pray. I put my hand on her shoulder and commanded the devil of infirmity to leave her in Jesus Christ's name (I think I just said "infirmity GO" but I want it to be clear that what she was suffering from was a devil). She felt heat and electricity all over her body and felt a shift. She said she had had many people pray for her but had never felt such a thing. She then wanted me to pray for her son for God's grace to come on his life. Her husband came then with their smoothies. I ended up getting to prophesy over him too and encourage him in Papa's Love. She got out of her wheelchair and started to walk around with a big smile, recognizing that spirit had left her body. She was elated and thanked me and praised Jesus for her healing!!!

Later that night, my friend was ministering in a church in SoCal and invited me to come along. His middle schoolers were the ministry team. After he preached for a bit about taking risks and shared some awesome testimonies, he released the kids to minister. They began to call out words such as, "God is healing deafness in the right ear," and, "the Lord wants to touch a woman named Sally (or something like that)." Those who responded ended up getting healed of back pain and a few had migrane headaches. They each received personal ministry as well.
I ended up getting a word about people there from Anaheim and multiple people responded (we were over an hour from Anaheim). The Lord gave me another word about a woman in her 30's that was being healed of diverticulitis (a kind of intestinal disorder, I only know the name). A woman responded and was said she felt the pain leave and got healed of a few other conditions through the word of knowledge. Then I got a word about bumps on someone's knees. This same woman leaped up, "my husband, my husband" She got him on the cell phone as he was not in the meeting, and I prayed over the phone and he felt the power of God and testified that he was healed! Jesus heals over the cell phone!!! Another woman got her friend on the phone who had terrible problems with the knees and was bound to a wheelchair. She got out of the wheelchair and walked around - NO PAIN!!! JESUS!!!! We are not sure how many people received healing and deliverance that night but we estimate around 40 or more. God is good!!!

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