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Email us with your testimony!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Testimonies and Some Older Testimonies (from February email to friends)

Jesus is Lord!

Trip to Social Circle, GA

My friend Rick felt the Lord prompting him to go to check out this fellowship of believers in GA this past weekend. I didn't really feel like going a ton, but God said I could go if I wanted. I wanted to support him so I went. Papa had some surprises up his sleeve! Walking into a gas station, I don't know why but I kept looking at this guy's foot as he walked out of the store. There was nothing visibly wrong, but I decided to ask him, "Hey is there anything wrong with your right foot?" He said he had a broken toe. I told him God was going to heal him as I invited Him to (Sometimes all Papa needs is an invitation - we already know He wants to). He tested out his foot and was shocked that it was better! Ha Ha!

That night, the leaders of the group empowered me to release some prophetic words over their youth. Papa showed up. One of the highlights (it was a stun for me too) was that as I looked at a kid I saw a picture of him behind the wheel of a vehicle. Out of my mouth popped, "Papa gave you a car!" He fell back like three steps and said he felt like something had hit him. His grandpa had just left him his truck in his will. The young man referred to his grandpa as Papa (add southern accent). Wow! I was just as stoked!

The next night the Lord touched different people through words of knowledge for healing. The family we stayed with in GA sent the following to me via email....
----------The men from Jupiter come bearing gifts...Miracles Break Out!---------------
Rick Branson and Kris Kildosher were also visiting for the first time. They are two spirit-filled surfers from Jupiter, Florida. Rick Branson had also been a professional athlete. He had a testimony of his own. Rick showed us his foot-long scar where doctors had removed most of his lung. God had miraculously and completely restored his lung capacity a few years before.. Kris Kildosher, his friend, is a student at Bethel School of Ministry. Kris began calling out specific words of knowledge about people that God was healing. He pointed in Kathy Weeks' direction and stated that God was restoring a deaf right ear. He added that the deafness was work-related and the person was hearing a crackling, popping sound as the ear was restored. Kathy Weeks raised her hand and suddenly felt a cracking and a popping in her right ear. The next morning, on August 3, Kathy Weeks woke up with TWO PERFECT EARS! May this encourage you to never to give in, give up or doubt the goodness of our God.!

A few weeks back an awesome woman of God came to share at our home fellowship, Lynn Barletta. At the end of the meeting she felt the Lord prompting her to invite me to speak at a fellowship she hosts in a nearby city. God's favor was all over it, and I felt His prompting to go. I asked if I could bring another fireball with me, Giovanni Merrin. Giovanni was a member of the Mormon church and got touched powerfully about 7 months ago with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. It is a blessing to have his radical faith as part of Living Waters (the home fellowship). He regularly has testimonies of casting devils out of co-workers, seeing people saved, healed and delivered! Lynn said that was fine.

Giovanni shared testimony about he and his fiance's diamond set in a ring had been growing in the Glory. They took it to the jeweler and had it tested to have documentation of its growth. Jesus can do whatever He wants and He is amazing! Hallelujah!

After that I shared some testimonies too and started to stand people up like I was going to prophesy over them and put Giovanni on the spot saying, "Giovanni, you have a word for them." He stepped out in radical faith and God, who wants to encourage people more than we do, came through and gave him accurate words of knowledge (insights he could not naturally know about people) and he greatly encouraged people in the Lord. I also had him get some words of knowledge for healing as well and we saw some individuals conditions healed instantly with out even praying! Sometimes it is good to demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ before preaching.

I ended up getting to share about a lifestyle of risk (John Wimber said faith is spelled "R-I-S-K") and encourage people to get radical for Jesus in sharing the Good News of the Kingdom of God. One of the wildest things was I spoke for well over 2 hours and people paid attention - that is a miracle for sure! I felt God's glory and the dunamis power of God flowing like waves. As I paused and waited on Him, He began to shake individuals throughout the room. He does shake everything that can be shaken - Ha Ha! People began to get drunk in the Spirit and laugh in His presence (Psalm 2:4 = He who sits in the heavens laughs, Psalm 16:11 = In Your presence is fullness of joy!) Yeah - Get some of that oil of joy on you right now too. Sho to to she be te. Jesus you are glorious! We don't have to make excuses for how good He is. JESUS!!

Keep drinking in His goodness!
The Lord began to involve the listeners as He told me there were two people there who had a word to share with someone else who had been prophesied over. He started showing where in the room conditions that He was healing were. The Lord was moving powerfully - I was so encouraged and found myself really drunk in the Spirit at times - take it!
The Lord did many great things including removing pains in the back and neck, growing out a leg (atleast one that I was around for) and I am sure other stuff as Giovanni went around and laid hands on people for an impartation of the gift of faith - something He carries dramatically. One time he drove on an empty tank for a couple of days on long trips because he believed God would provide. Papa always does! YEAH!!!

Older Testimonies from around February 2008!

I don't know how to post Testimonies from a few months ago so I figure I will add them here because they encourage me that God is better than we think!
Jesus wins once again! Over my vacation from Bethel's School of Supernatural Ministry, the Lord invaded my life on numerous occassions. It all started on my flight from Redding, CA back to Jupiter, FL to visit my mom. Before my flight, I decided to sit with the Lord and get some words of knowledge and supernatural insights about the flight. On a piece of paper I wrote what I felt was from God. Not knowing my seat assignment, the list included row 17 (17C to be exact) and arthritic pain in the hands. At the airport a young man starts talking to me. We chat through the boarding process, and he is seated right in front of me. I am in row 17! I ask him about arthritic pain in his hands, and he describes a condition he has that is supposed to paralyze him or worse over the next 10 years. It debilitates his spine and all of his joints. I told him that as I put my hand on his shoulder, he would feel the power of God in his body. He began to describe a fire like heat that was running throught his spine. Jesus saves the day again! I then proceeded to give the lad an encouraging (prophetic) word from the heart of God that drove him to the brink of tears. Since he already knew the Lord as his personal Savior, I was able to change his conceptions about what Papa God is like - previously he thought God had given him the condition. I told him that God is good, the devil is bad. Health is good, sickness is bad. Therefore it is obvious were the sickness comes from - Not our all loving Papa. The devil is the one who steals, kills, and destroys. Through this whole ordeal, the man next to me is just listening. I turn to him and begin to give him an encouraging word from God which changes his countenance. He is a real new ager, never been to church, never read a Bible. He says to me I have an amazing aura of light around me. He does not want to receive prayer, but he just had an encounter with the love of God. Back home in Jupiter, I took a couple of friends out on a treasure hunt (where we get words of knowledge, write them out, and go to the location God gives us to find them). Among our clues we had 7-11 and back spasms. At the local 7-11 (its about 1 o'clock in the morning at this time) I ask a man if he has back spasms. He looks at me wide eyed and says, "I had one yesterday." I told him God was going to heal him and offered prayer. He received and felt fire on his back. I then gave him an encouraging word about his financial situation. We then shifted our attention to the worker behind the counter. She was actually the wife of the man we prayed for. She did not know the Lord and ended up meeting Him that night having a born-again experience. Whoop Whoop - Jesus scores again! On New Years Eve I really wanted to go to a house party (of the worldly kind) to bring the Kingdom of God. I showed up more drunk than everyone there. The presence of the Lord started to invade. Some of the girls really wanted to do naked chicken fights in the pool which is always supported by the guys, however without me saying a word, the Holy Spirit put an end to that. These friends don't even know me as a religious freak or anything, so I knew there were no barriers to the invasion God had planned. I got to pray for one friend for a creative miracle in his knee that I have seen God do in the past. Being backslidden, I told him God was not mad at him but infact liked him alot. I then shifted my attention to another friend and gave him a word from the Father which touched his heart making him very emotional. Then I got to give sove dream interpretations to some kids who I felt dreamed alot. They were stunned by the accuracy and asked how I got such insights. I told them the Holy Spirit talks to me like we are talking now, and He came into my life when Jesus did. I gave a another dude a word he knew was from God because of a word of knowledge I had and slipped out because the host had passed out. The next night two of the kids from the party showed up at a house meeting. During worship, the Holy Spirit moved on one of the lads and took him to the floor laughing and crying in a big puddle of tears. He had never been around a meeting like this and had no paradigm for what was happening to him. A few minutes later he manifested a demon which got booted out by Holy Ghost power, and he received a mighty baptism in the Spirit. He is now part of the family of God at a house church which I serve at back in FL. Hallelujah!!! Another night, at a meeting I gave out a few words of knowledge for healing and broke the group up to pray and prophesy over eachother. I gave one woman a word about Jesus romancing her and bringing her back to when she was 18. While giving this word, she began to get glory dust or glitter all around her lips and on her neck. Holy Spirit confirmed the word with signs and wonders - ha ha! Another day I was going to a more family friendly party where God told me some pastors would be. One of them took me aside to ask about Bethel as he had seen it on TBN. He asked a question about why there and not in his backyard. God gave me a word of wisdom that kinda sidetracked his question but spoke to his spirit. He grabbed me and put me infront of some other leaders. I began to equip some of them in healing sharing testimonies and discussing the word of knowlege. When I shared some things about legs growing out, a woman said her leg was short. I told her husband to pray for it and told him that it would grow out. It did of course (maybe to his surpise). We then went after a few other healings as I called out a word of knowledge at the party (probably scaring some of the more conservative types). The prophetic annointing began to really flow and a couple of groups of people got words from Papa's heart leading to tears. One of the sweet highlights was a back healing where not only did the guy being prayed for got healed, but a man just standing to the side said he felt the power heal his back too even though he was not receiving prayer nor did he respond to a word of knowledge. Ha Ha - Jesus! Another day, I spoke at a church to some youth, they got touched as the annointing got really thick in the room as I shared stories of trips into heaven with Jesus. Then I got to pray for healing for a few people by the word of knowledge. After the meeting a friend and I went to Denny's. Sitting at the booth, I got a couple of insights into sicknesses in the room by words of knowledge. I decided to stand up and announce to the restaurant that God was there to heal and demonstrate His love and announced the different conditions. The annointing hit like a bomb. I invited people over for prayer. A little girl was the only person who responded but she was immeadiately healed. I watched as the other conditions walked past me on their way out trying to avoid eye contact with me. It was funny because the conditions that I called out including deafness and hip problems were all held by Christians, but something in their life kept them from comming over for prayer and a miracle. yikes! But I loved the fact that a little child was the one who entered the Kingdom. Lets never let our ego keep us from an invasion of God. All in all there were anywhere from 30-50 miracles over the trip home as well as many being equipped in the miraculous and prophetic. God is amazing and He wants to invade your life the same way right now. If you took the time to read this then you are getting an impartatin for the same things to happen to you! Jesus, I pray that you would surround my friend with your love. Increase your Kingdom in their midst. Grant them the desires of their heart as they abide in yours. Power Power Power. Firery Love of God flow. Increase your annointing even now, Papa. Bless You, Amen More recently, I took a trip with our family to minister in a church in Washington state. While there we saw radical miracles and salvations. We prayed for a family who did not believe in the Lord but the mom had a tumor the size of a softball in her belly which was going to take 90% of her stomach or worse as she was to be operated on later that week. We prayed and she began to feel her stomach go numb with heat when she had been at a pain level of 8 while on narcotics (she was a nurse). Hallelujah!While praying for her I got a word of knowledge for fluid problems in the inner ear as well as circulatory problems. A woman there had the ear problem. I saw an angel in the spirit right infront of her so I told her to take a step forward. When she did, the annointing hit her and her ear immeadiately drained with fluid. Hallelujah! The woman who had cancer's husband had the circulatory problem as well as back problems (from another word of knowledge). I began to prophesy over him and the Lord revealed the secrets of his heart. This 6' 6'' atleast football player was transformed as the annointing of God soaked his heart and body. I grabbed his hands and asked him to pray with me. I led him in a prayer of receiving forgiveness of sin and Jesus as his savior and Lord. He sobbed and could barely get the words out as the power of the enemy was loosed from his life. We then proceeded to prophesy over the various family members present. The next day they all came to church and commented on how their entire family had changed. Even their kids were respectful. JESUS!!!! During the morning service we probably gave out atleast 15 words of knowledge for healing. One word given was for deafness and the name Andy. Andy who wore two hearing aids came up for prayer. God took him out as I layed hands on him and commanded deafness to leave his body. He spent the next while on the floor. Another person who responded to deafness was also taken out by the power of God and wept with his wife on the floor. Another person responded to asthma was miraculously healed. James prayed for another who got two new knees from torn ACLs from high school football and got taken out by the power of God and caught up into a vision. He came back just weeping in Father's love. Another man got set free from a spirit of suicide screaming it out and weeping as I sang a prophetic song in his ear about Papa's love for him. Hallelujah Jesus! Later that night, our team all spoke and the Holy Spirit settled heavily on the congregation. The Lord told me to share on an encounter I had with His glory and then I preached on the cross, the power of His blood to eliminate sin, and the promise of the Holy Spirit offered to us. I had some words of knowledge but the Lord told me to just say "Lord, let your fire fall." I told the congregation that as the Holy Spirit began to move on the congregation, healings would simply occur in His glory and people would feel heat touch their bodies where they needed it. I then said Let Your Fire Fall Lord. I stood and waited in silence as the Lord swept over the congregation. These believers were "charismatic" believers but were not accustomed to what God was about to do. Some were trying to avoid what God was going to do, but to no avail. Suddenly a section of the audience burst into laughter. Many started to shake and sweat as fire fell. One heavy set young man began to bounce in his seat in a way that had to be God because frankly it is impossible to bounce like that when sitting or I don't know how you could. Many emotional and physical healings took place as the room erupted into laughter and weeping and uncontrollable sweating and shaking and everything. Frankly, it seemed like chaos for the natural mind, but from God's perspective all was in order just like on pentecost. Holy Spirit is so GOOD! The next day I went to hang out with some friends in Redding and they asked about the weekend of ministry. As I shared the testimony of God's fire, They began to get slammed by the fire of God. Ended up giving a few more words of knowledge and a few legs grew which were uneven from the other leg either from injury or just not growing right. I could keep going.... Jesus is so GOOD. To Him be all the glory!

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hi, I've been looking for Rick's contact information online, if you have his email or phone, I'd love to get it as I am an old friend, we ministered together some in florida at his Living Waters surf ministry, here is my contact:, thanks, chad