Email us with your testimony

Email us with your testimony!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Papa!!!

My Father has revolutionized my life with joy. I have never felt Him so close as I do now. I have given up trying, and of recent I have seen Him do more in the areas of miracles and ministry than I could ever imagine. Trees don't try to bear fruit, they just do. I am enjoying God and in His enjoying me, the overflow is destroying the works of the enemy.

I just returned from a trip to the Middle East. Got to work in a refugee camp and speak in the most expensive private school in the region. We had a breakout of revival. Talking about the gospel is a sensitive issue here, but God can get around any sensitivity. The Kingdom of God is not a matter of mere talk but of power (1 Cor 4:20). Miracles speak louder than words when it comes to Christ's dominion. Among the healings, a teachers leg grew out as the students prayed for her. After seeing others healed, we invited a young man to the front and told him he was about to feel a word of knowledge for healing for someone in the room. He described a funny feeling above his stomach. A teacher responded for a problem with her pancreas. We had the student extend his hands toward her and she began to get drunk in the Spirit. The students broke into laughter at the sight of their teacher who said she had never experienced anything like this before. She also described a supernatural heat in the area of problem. No one had even touched her.

My favorite testimony from the trip was of an encounter a young man had.
This middle schooler was taken to heaven in a vision and gave testimony of the scenery and how Jesus came to him, told him how amazing he was, touched him and dissolved his sin from him, and returned to earth with him. Up until this point this young man had been a Muslim. I think his testimony qualifies as a born again experience! Yay GOD!
Thanks for your prayers during my trip!

The following links are testimonies I was involved in I found on Bethel's website... enjoy more JESUS!

Wrong name spelling but I was one of the three in Wisconsin

Much Love to YOU!!!!! May God grant you to do even more to extend His Kingdom... I pray for a tangible touch of God's presence to come through this computer screen now and embolden you for works of power! I ask Father that the person reading this feel you like never before. You give the best hugs, Father.

Many Blessings,


Jarek said...


I'm always encouraged by your posts. I got the email from Marge discussing the event on April 19th down here in San Diego.

I'm really looking forward to it, I really would like to see the word of knowledge gifting prophesied over me when your friends came down for the Call activated.

It's my dad's birthday that day, so I will be in Orange County during the day, but I will try my best to make it on time at 6pm.

I am still planning on catching you up on what's going on with me via Facebook, but before I do that I just want to say that I'm really looking forward to the 19th!

Thanks for your enthusiasm in seeing God's kingdom advanced. It's always encouraging.

Much love. Jarek

Marius Steenkamp said... - there's more of you, you famous man ;-)

Marius Steenkamp said...

This is (but one) add-on testimony of Kris' visit to our church in Cape Town during June 2009 with Chad Dedmon, James, July and others. Kris had been praying for a lady who was deaf in her one ear who had just been healed. I was just standing around enjoying God's miracle goodness, and then Kris turns to me and says to me, 'Pray for that man's foot, just a quick prayer, and it will be healed.' The man was the husband of the woman whose ear had just been healed, and (as I understood it) he had had pain or discomfort in his foot for some time, due to a bone or something in his right foot that had been broken). So I knelt and prayed a short prayer, maybe three lines, asking for God to heel the man's foot in Jesus' name. I even got up to ask if it was better thinking that the prayer was way to short, but when I asked the man, he could stand on it, the pain was gone and he was healed! Praise God!

Kate said...


We have all just spent an AMAZING Jesus filled week with you guys at Josh Gen!

God gave you a prophesy for me that has unlocked something in my heart.

We loved having you guys with us you are like family now!

Thank you for coming and thank you Jesus for His annointing on your life!

Going to follow your blog - i want to hear about all the miracles! yay!

Keep drinking, bud ;-)

Kate said...

PS..check out my treasure hunt story on my blog if you want to...

Thanks for introducing us to those! Ha, ha!

I am changed....Whoop, whoop!

Marius Steenkamp said...

On Sunday, 21 June 2009, Kris, his friend James and another girl from the USA came to our church in Sea Point, Cape Town. Kris called me to join them in front when they called out words of knowledge for healing. Both Chris and I felt a specific word for a pain just inside of the right shoulder blade. A guys came forward with that exact pain. While Kris was releasing God's healing and Spirit over the rest of the room, a friend Roy and I prayed for the guy. He immediately was healed about 70%, but I felt God saying that the man (N) had something to release or to forgive before he will be fully healed. When I told N this he burst out crying and said how he was coming to church that night for the last time if he could not find breakthrough in God, and that the person he could not forgive was himself, because he felt so dirty and unworthy of Jesus' love. We guided him through a prayer of re-commitment, after which I shared with him a vision God had just given me of him (N) standing clothed in a cloak of radiant almost transparent white light. It was father's day and I felt God saying to him that in Jesus N was perfect and pure to Him the Father, and that N was being re-united on that day with God as his father, and him as his returning prodigal son. It really broke something open for him. After he stopped crying, I asked him about his shoulder again, and it was completely healed, all discomfort and pain being removed. It was such an amazing example of the love God has for his children, and the lengths he will go to to demonstrate it. Praise our glorious Father!