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Email us with your testimony!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Zealand!!!

New Zealand may be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here is where I got to surf yesterday (it was not that good but I was still pretty stoked!) Everything is green and the people are all layed back. I am searching for Hobbits (The Lord of the Rings was filmed here)... I will let you know when revival breaks out among them.
I hope you are all doing well!
The past couple of weeks since I returned from Haiti have been a time of picking back up the traveling momentum. Last week Josh and I went with a team to do a mini- Healing School with Grace Fellowship in Santa Rosa, CA pastored by Ken and Christina Smith. A few of the churches there came together for the weekend and we saw people greatly activated to demonstrate God's power. One testimony we heard back from them was that a pastor who could only make the morning session followed by impartation ended up giving words of knowledge back in his church and people were healed... something he had not done before! We saw alot of miracles in the meetings. Words of knowledge flowed as the team released the miraculous. During a time of impartation, a woman got up after being out in the spirit and noticed she could balance on one foot, something she could not do before because of some type of brain legion/ nervous system disorder. Johnathan, a young boy who wanted to play basketball was born with a birth defect which led to having a slightly locked/distorted ankle and a leg shorter than the other by 3/4 of an inch was not able to run without some pain or squat down without loosing his balance. It is likely that as he grew these problems would affect his life even more. After receiving some prayer, Johnathan's leg grew out and his ankle moved. He squatted down without falling over and ran around. He was excited to be able to play basketball well now. Yay Jesus!
During the Sunday morning service (the service that is typically the least "messy" on a trip) I was sharing a testimony and a woman just started weeping and encountering God in the second row. I guess God wanted to interrupt my sharing, so I stopped and asked her what was happening. She said she believed God could heal her of Parkinsons, I asked her what she could not do. She said she shuffles her feet when she walks. I asked her how she would know if she was healed. She got up from her chair and took off darting accross the room! Everybody got really excited and we did not get a chance to preach a sermon that morning... Jesus just started healing people all over the room!
One miracle that I have not seen before in a meeting we were leading was people getting gold crowns / fillings (the metal changing substance). We had felt before the service that this was going to happen so after calling out some words of knowledge we asked people to check. It started with one and then one multipled to three or more. I love that there is no real reason for gold teeth - I suppose if your tooth is bad it may help, but if its not... Miracles like that are just a kiss from our Father, a sign of His love, a sign that makes you wonder. Lately,I have really felt that God wants to demonstrate the extravagence of His love even more through things like this. One such way is in how He is not only Provider but His manifest presence is Provision. God wants to heal finances like He heals the body because the oppression of lack keeps people focused on personal poverty rather than focusing on being a blessing and releasing the Kingdom of God to the world around them.
Through the weekend we had felt that people were going to get financial miracles and shared testimonies of things God has done for us personally. A friend of ours who joined us felt led to give one of the team some money. He knew how much money he had in his pocket before and after, but on the car ride home he found that $29 had turned into $49! One of the church members told the pastor that a few days after the conference they received a $5000 bonus and felt it connected with what God had released. There were other testimonies of financial breakthrough that weekend as well. I guess all things really are possible with God (Mark 10:27)
I release that same breakthrough over you... that in being blessed, you would be a blessing to the world around you!
I will be in New Zealand / Australia through March 16th. My friend Chad gets here in a few weeks and is hosting some conferences as well. Please pray for us during our time in New Zealand. I am excited for God to move and to get some good surfing in too. We want to eternally impact the people and the land here... and of course see all of the Hobbits meet Jesus.
Lots of Love to all of you!


Kate said...

Hi Kris - thanks for the update, love reading about everything you do and how God has been moving - really inspiring and amazing!
Let us know about the hobbits revival :-)

Kate (Joshua Generation, Cape Town)

Sean said...

kris, this blog is super cool. i read the whole thing. boy have you been busy! sd