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Thursday, December 31, 2009

December - Happy New Year!

Sent to the Nations...

Happy New Year!

How are you? Any special goals or resolutions for this New Year?

It has been the best year ever and things are only going to get better! In front of me is a book called "The Improving State of the World" and all it talks about are statistics of how the world is getting better and better from health to wealth to literacy to mouths fed. I have been thinking about all the great breakthroughs God has accomplished in this year alone, and all I can do is get happy. Just from my vantage point (which is a small one) I have gotten to see thousands healed, saved, and delivered, hundreds if not much more equipped to win the lost with displays of the power of God, and many friends enter into their destiny in the past year. We have great reason to celebrate all that He has done!

Over the past month I have spent my time split between Southern California and Redding. I started out going to Mammoth Mountain, a famous ski resort town out here, to be part of a team with my friends Chad and Julia Dedmon. We had a blast connecting with the Lighthouse Church there. We got to spend a whole day with their school of ministry and saw amazing stuff happen. After a short equipping on words of knowledge and treasure hunt evangelism (people are the treasure God leads you to), we saw multiple people healed and touched by God's love. One of the guys in our group heard God say the name Steve and a guy in the store stood out to him. So he just called out to the guy, "Hey Steve!" The guy ignored us, but after we caught up and gave him some encouraging words about God's love for him, we asked him his name. With a funny attitude he said, "Steve... but you already knew that." One of the groups found a girl with Cerebral Paulsy in the store who could not move her arm because of the disease. After a quick prayer the team asked her to do something she could not do before - she began to move her arm around normally and was astounded!

While at Mammoth I got to learn how to snowboard. So far I am really bad. I am going to stick to surfing, but please pray for me to be healed from the effects of the mountain on my ego.

The week after Mammoth, Chad and Julia hosted their first conference at GoodNews Church in Riverside, CA with Kurt and Mary Alice Shroeder (Love you guys!). The conference brought us all to a new level of experiencing the presence of God. There were prophetic booths so that attendees could be prophesied over and encouraged as well as activation sessions for encountering God, living a revivalist lifestyle, and treasure hunting. Some of the testimonies from the event include numerous deaf ears opening, one of the women when interviewed about what was happening to her said her ears were open and her pants were loose! She freaked out as she had lost weight off her waistline in the presence of God. We did not pray for that but why not? Jesus takes away the heavy burden... ha ha ha! Another individual went through a transformation in God's love - having been an epileptic we have since heard that this individual has seen great breakthrough with an internal shift and no more seizures! Yeah Jesus! Also partnering with Chad and Julia's ministry Encountering Jesus ( were Chad's dad Kevin Dedmon, Shawn Bolz, and team of students from Bethel Church. The fellowship and impartation were amazing.

Since that time I have been up in Redding enjoying the Christmas holiday connecting with friends. It has been a great time of strategizing and dreaming for the New Year. I remember hearing stories of this one prophet who had a recurring vision of a news reporter on a major network reporting, "There is no news but good news tonight..." The reporter went on to share how stadiums across the nation were filled with people in adoration of Jesus and great and mighty miracles were taking place by the thousands. No one knows who those on stage are, but they had been declaring the works of God for hours and even days straight. Since the times of this recurring vision some many years ago, this prophet has seen the same newscaster (who would have been a child at the time of the vision) on television with a major network. I think 2010 is a great time for this vision of God's heart to come to pass. America is in and ready for more revival. My word for 2010... I see a cloud the size of a man's hand... its time for rain (1 Kings 18:44).

Please continue to pray for

-a place in Southern California for me to live (I am praying to live with a family rather than by myself),

-further financial strategy for the future (I plan on having a family one day and want to feed the nations spiritually and physically),

-further in roads to serve the dreams of the sons and daughters of Hollywood (we are called to disciple nations and no other place does it more or do I cry for more),

-the strengthening of our team and how we plan to run together releasing revival,

-the blessing and increase of my spiritual fathers and mothers in the church and the business world,

-and greater encounters with Father (I like Him alot).

Keep me updated on how you are doing... Lots of Love!


matthew said...

Love you Kris.

When I see you I see the Father.


JEWELS said...

I just love reading your blog, I feel encouraged and excited, thank you.
Julie de Lisle
Josh Gen Churh Cape Town