Email us with your testimony

Email us with your testimony!

Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hello Family and Friends!

Thanks for the continued support and replies to the email... I love to be encouraged! Here I am in beautiful Orange County, California enjoying myself so much I almost forgot to update all of you on how I am doing! Today I surfed twice with friends - we scored Huntington Beach Pier at night tonight. It was great to surf with just the two of us for a bit. The lights on the pier allow for just enough light to surf. My friends Chad, Julia, Nick and Andy and I have been surfing and strategizing for the next season we are entering into.

Since I last wrote you I have been to FL, Texas, Redding, and now Southern California. My stay in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas was amazing... Many thanks to Steve and Marci Fish and Matt and Sonja Bomhoff for hosting me and allowing me to speak in their school of supernatural ministry there. I had a blast connecting with friends and seeing the Lord move in power. One of the days while I spoke a pastor who attends the school got completely drunk in the Spirit, falling from his chair (how do you fall from a chair? ha ha) and reported that a tumor on his back shrank and pain left it as well during the preaching. We then went out to do evangelism and we saw a number of people healed, prophesied over, and touched with God's love. I got to do some equipping in moving by faith in the word of knowledge. A woman who I went out with got a word for a stomach problem and which house the person was in so we just walked up and knocked on the door. When the people inside answered we said, "Hello, we are here to help the person with the stomach problem." They said, no one had such a problem. We told them God had sent us here and asked if they were sure that no one had the problem. They said yes but one of them had just lost their mom. They believed God had sent us. As we left I told the gal who had gotten the word that many times people don't confess to having conditions. As we got about 30 feet away from the apartment, the woman inside came back out and told us that she actually did have that problem... God proved the point and we released healing over her!

On the last day I shared my testimony on how the Lord began to set my heart ablaze that Jesus would get what He deserved in people being healed. At the end I did an activation in the word of knowledge and the students called out conditions and numerous healings took place. One highlight was when a young man called out a shoulder problem. A man in his seventies responded. He had dreamed of playing major league baseball until he hurt his shoulder in high school. Now after over 50 years of problems and pain, the power of God touched him and he has mobility and no pain! Yay Jesus! I felt like it is a sign to all of us that God is restoring dreams in renewing our youth and the ability to dream - it is time for hope to Arise and for us to run with our dreams again! I pray that all who read this would day dream with the Father about nothing being impossible. That specific hopes would come to the surface and desire fulfilled would be their portion (Proverbs 13:12).

Please pray that God would grant me fresh vision as to what the next year and years should look like, and that loose ends would tie together for upcoming ministry trips. I am alive for the fullness of where my dreams and the Father's dreams collide.

I am also in search of a place to stay as I get more established in Southern California and partner with friends here.

In the next week or so I am planning to trek back up to Redding for the Leadership Advance and then go to FL for a wedding and then off to North Carolina for a time of encounter at Moravian Falls.

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