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Email us with your testimony!

Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hello Family and Friends,

I have decided to let today be the best day of my life. Right now I am in Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday on the heels of some travels. During the end of October I enjoyed time with friends in Redding. I had the oppurtunity to just chill for a week, blessed with my own room, before attending Bethel's Leaders Advance. While there I decided to write and ended up doing an outline and pouring around 30 hours into a book over 4 days giving me somewhere over 70 pages in a book. It was just flowing out of me. The topic is on feeling and enjoying the presence of God. Where there are books on seeing in the spirit (Eph 1:18 talks about the eyes of your heart being open to know the hope of our calling and the riches of our inheritance), this book is about feeling the presence of God and responding to God's Glory, thus positioning oneself for greater encounter. Please pray for the grace to finish it here in the next couple of weeks - and insight on what to do next with it.

One Saturday while I was in Redding, I went to the Healing Rooms at Bethel to sit and write in that atmosphere of Glory. Many there got to take part in praying over a woman who throughout the course of her visit that day was healed of MS! For 29 years she had had the disease. It had progressed to the point that she was in a wheelchair only able to move one arm and could not squeeze her hands. In the presence of God she began to regain movement. She got out of her wheelchair and was pushing it around, squeezing her hands, doing all the stuff she could not do before. There is video of the miracle on youtube if you want to check it out.

At the Leaders Advance I got so encouraged by the testimonies of revival all over the world. Leaders came in from many nations and shared the fruit of what God is doing in their spheres of influence. At one of the dinners I got to visit with some leaders from places we had traveled to in South Africa over the summer. They shared how their congregations are seeing miracles in the streets. One leader shared how some of the youth had not had enough money for pizza dinner so they decided to just worship outside the restaurant. As they did money actually began to fall from the sky - that is awesome!

After the Advance I got to go on a ministry trip to Ramona, CA led by my friend Jason Chin. Jason is an equipper and believes in people more than anyone I know - so much so I don't think he ever even preached. His 14 year old son got to come along and spoke during one of the sessions. While there I got to see one of the strongest activations of a church I have seen to date. So many miracles happened. Jesus got His reward. One of the nights the team felt like we were not supposed to pray for anyone - that the church should do the ministry. I was asked to pick a ministry team from the congregation. Before the meeting I met up with about ten of the young people in a room to soak. As we waited in the presence, they started having visions and getting words of knowledge for the meeting. I figured they might as well be the team. During the service they called out numerous conditions and people were getting healed all over the room. A few highlights included seven deaf ears opening, cysts disolving, and pains leaving and two cases of Muscular Distrophy healed (two men were able to make a fist and open it where they could not before). We did an altar call that night for salvation and people received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. One girl invited the Lord into her heart weeping, began to shake and fell over under the Spirit's power. Later a word of knowledge was given for healing of someone who fell of a horse between 3 and 4 years ago. She responded and was healed of scoliosis (she felt her spine straighten)! She was a laughing mess in the Glory... Saved, Healed, and Delivered! There was a teenager who came that night bound to a wheelchair because of cancer that had wrapped around his spine. During testimony time I noticed a young man just standing infront of the stage. I asked him what had happened. He said, "I can't walk." It was the same young man who was bound in the wheelchair - now walking around and feeling warmth and power surging through his back. Jesus! At the end of the night the Glory got so strong we went in to a time of impartation. The team just layed on the stage as people radically encountered God.

From Ramona I hopped on a plane to North Carolina to spend a few days with a friend / mentor. We got to go to a UNC game where Jesus healed a scalper. Jesus loves scalpers too! Chad (my friend) and I got to do another meeting and the miracles were again amazing. I watched as a woman who had no arches in her feet grew them right infront of me. Over the phone we saw pains from Lupus go away and a growth on the back of the neck disappear. It was glorious!

So the travels continue... Please pray for a home base for the team I am traveling with predominantly right now. Chad, Julia, Nick, Andy, and I all burn for revival in Southern California. Andy is getting back into modeling and just texted me that he got a runway job. We are looking for housing this month and want to serve and partner with existing churches in SoCal for total reformation of the region. I am also in need of wisdom on how to finance all that God has called me to do. I am grateful for your constant support. Please let me know how you are doing.

Much Love

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